Where do people in cities go for a run?

These series of maps came about when one of our founders wanted to find out what the most popular places for running in Kathmandu were. After failing to find that information anywhere, he decided to take matters into his own hands and gather some GPS data of people's runs and plot them into a map.

Run Maps

You can find some of the maps that came out of that endeavour. The run co-ordinates were collected by scraping the open data in a popular website where people share their runs. The data was then imported into the R language and plotted into beautiful looking maps using ggplot2 and it's companion tools.

The first one is the map of Kathmandu, Nepal.

This is the map of the greater Helsinki area, Finland.

And, here's another showing the where people of San Diego, California run.

Technologies Used

Web Scraping

  • Web ScrapingPython (Beautifulsoup, Requests)

Data Visualization

  • Analysis/PlotR (ggplot2, ggmap)

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