How do we show the impact of the work done by an INGO?

Oxfam, a leading British INGO in Nepal came to us with a desire to present the impact of their work to their stakeholders beyond the pdfs and static charts in a form that was more suited for the modern web. CraftData developed a series of custom interactive visualizations and maps in using React.js and D3.js that allowed them to do precisely that.

Interactive Data Portal

The development of these visualizations took place in several phases. Starting with data exploration, we made recommendations for them to collect some more we thought would be needed for us to showcase their work. We then went into the design phase with several iterations and a version that matched their branding the best was chosen.

An overview of the projects was first shown with a map of Nepal highlighting their reach in various districts.

The Earthquake page shows the places in the effected areas they have been working on on several thematic areas.

Here we showcase the main SDP programmes of Oxfam Nepal.

Demo of the Interactive Visualization in action

Technologies Used

Front-End Development

  • JavascriptReact.js

Data Visualization

  • Charts/MapsD3.js, Topojson

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