Show, Don't Tell

Our work covers a various sectors and use cases; be it entire web applications, data analytical models and reports to standalone visualizations. Not just limited to business data, we also believe in the transformative power of open-data for governance and general civic awareneess, and are constantly creating and openly sharing visualizations to so that they are accessible to everyone.

Data-driven Applications


Fantasy football squad lineup optimizer tool for the English Premier League.

Data Visualizations

Oxfam Data Portal

We created a interative data portal for an INGO to showcase the impact of their work post 2015 Nepal Earthquake.

Tableau Analytics Dashboard

A sample customer analytics dashboard created in Tableau for a mobile gaming app showing KPIs and retention rates.

Nepalese Migrant Deaths

This visualization done for a National Daily tells the story Nepalese migrant worker deaths in various countries.

City Run Maps

By scraping GPS location of people's runs from a popular app, we created beautiful Run Maps of cities.

National Budget Visualization

We created an interactive visualization to showcase Nepal's budget in a easy to understand way.

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