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CraftData Labs is a technology studio focused on data science & web development based out of Kathmandu and Atlanta. A team of problem solvers and creative thinkers, we work with brands, organizations, and digital publishers from all around the world to identify opportunities in their data and realize them into world-class products and experiences.

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We created a web app that helps players pick the best playing eleven for their English Premier League fantasy football teams.

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On Data Science
On Data Science
June 20, 2017

Going beyond the hype and buzzwords surrounding the field of Data Science to give our own take on what it is all about. We follow the origins of this field, reasons behind its rise in recent years and an overview of the expertise it demands.

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Intro to our blog
Introducing the CraftData Labs blog
June 12, 2017

This is the inaugural post in our new company blog. Here the founders lay out the story behind starting CraftData Labs, what are its founding principles, and also introduce what we will be sharing on this blog in the future.

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